Tom Edwards, Sutton, England
16 January 2017

Industries That Benefit From Plasma Surface Modification

What is Plasma Surface Modification? What is plasma? What businesses can benefit from plasma surface modification? How is plasma improving adhesion of coating? These are more than like a majority of the many questions, that many people probably ask themselves when reading the title of this article. I know I most certainly had many questions myself and was shocked once I did my research and realized how much plasma surface modifications actually effect not just my own personal life but the entire world.
Surface treatment on wood

– Medical:

Medical: companies require adhesives for prosthetics and sterilizing environments for surgical and clinical purposes and procedures. Which sterilizing is highly necessary to tend to patients and ensure they are safe from bacteria while injured with open cuts and wounds. Meanwhile, plasma play an huge role in the Medical field, such as improving adhesion of coatings on limb replacements along with frequent requirements of adhesives like the ones that make bandages stick to difficult surfaces.

– Optical:

Another, huge use of plasma surface modification is the beneficial role it play in businesses producing optical replacements and enhancements! Researchers have found that the use of plasma surface modifications on lenses exerted to replace a diseased or completely ruined natural eye of a patient, removes and cleans the the surface of the new prosthetic eyes and removes the tack which cause issues when inserting the prosthetic eye into the patients socket. Another huge benefit of plasma surface modification for these companies is the ability to polished the surface of lenses, providing a much more clear vision without issues. Reducing or completely removing distortion in the patients view. This is accomplished by the plasma’s ability to smooth the surface of the lens ultimately providing visual clarity!

– Polycarbonate Lenses:

In fact, one well known branch of optical lens businesses, currently benefiting greatly from plasma surface modifications are companies who produce polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate lenses, are lenses that can resist up to 10 times more impact than plastic and glass lenses, all while additionally providing 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV Rays as well!

– Electronics:

Later, while researching I learned that many industries managing in electronics apply plasma surface modifications to the surface of their products to ensure the logos, stickers, and labels all remain intact and bonded to the surface of their products without peeling during or frequently after the packaging, handling, and shipping process. Especially electronics like laptops, computers, and devices that emit dangerous or harmful temperatures of heat. Which, may result in the requirement of a warning or caution sign presented, that can resist such conditions and provide a durable alert for customers.

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– Aerospace:

A very common business to benefit from plasma surface modifications is aerospace companies, who require plasma surface modifications in order to create stronger bonds and adhesive surfaces that can withstand hot temperatures and weather erosion. For example, when used for aerospace a plasma modified surface ensures safety of the plane pilots by providing increased durability in the structure components of the planes. This process maintain sturdy and secure bonding in parts when planes fly through storms or are simply a exposed to excessive heat or other atmospheric events.

– Automotive:

Furthermore, automotive companies apply plasma surface modifications to their vehicles, improving adhesion of coatings applied to the metals and fiberglass surfaces. Rather to prepare the automotive parts to be painted or to merely add decals for commercial and racing performance vehicles, or provide more impact resistant durability to the car parts! Overall I’ve enjoyed researching this subject and have discovered that Plasma Surface Modification is a exceedingly huge matter in today’s industries and a push towards an progressive future!

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