Food in a green light – human health aspects
Tom Edwards, Sutton, England
25 December 2017

The distribution of food has always been a common concern for world governments. People need food in their everyday lives to stay productive themselves overall. Learn a little about food consumption and how it might change with new growing tactics. The trade of food is likely to be affected by various decisions made as well. New technology has made it possible to expand food production to a great extent. That has also opened up global trading opportunities that governments want to explore. Everyday food items are affected by decisions such as these too. Consider the advantages that new technology can provide for food growers.

Our food and our microbiome

The food we eat and digest, have a tremendeous effect on human health. Our microbiome is a central actor in our health. The microbiome consists of communities of microorganisms, a community that also exist in animals, in soil and water. New technology enables us to better understand these microorganisms and by analysing e.g. soil, we are able to see what microorganisms live in the soil, and we will have a tool to detect what soil can yeild a better crop. One of the companies pioneering this method is BiomCare. You can read more about their Microbiome Sequencing Services for soil.


Bigger harvests and yields are common goals for the new techniques being utilized. Trade of food depends on reliable harvests that are powered by growing techniques. Farmers know how to manage big crop areas using the right technology along the way. They appreciate that kind of technological improvement that needs to be researched. In fact, a lot of research and development went in to changing how food production is managed. Consumption of food is a staple feature of life in many countries around the world. People simply want to learn more about the food that they eat.
New technology includes:

· Computer assisted harvesting
· Sorting equipment
· Robotic assistance
· Standard measurements

Beer brewing relies on grains harvested from around the world. Every country has its own bottled beer that appeals to drinkers worldwide. Hops and barley often go in to each bottle that gets brewed. Beer has been a staple part of the diet for many cultures as well. People consider the drink to be an important rite of passage for adults. Laws reflect the standing of the drink in many countries around the world too. Which is what you can find more about here. Get to know more about the beverage and how it has been bottled up until now. People trust the advantages that new technology can provide for that. Brew your own Carlsberg beer.

There are many other beverages that are a great example of technology assisted items. Take Coca Cola in to consideration while doing a little research. That drink has been on the market for decades since it was first invented. New production techniques will help distribute the beverage for more people on the market overall. Trust Coca Cola to refine their line strategies and meet customer demand. Human health is an important research subject and Coca Cola now understands that. The company wants to help people stay healthy and happy for longer. Consumers believe that the brand is up to the challenge.
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