Beyond the Pivot, Humanity As We Know It Has Changed
Tom Edwards, Sutton, England
19 December 2017
In our modern civilization we are facing enormous global challenges that correlate directly to the impending environmental issues we see across the globe. While the continuing denial of global warming increases within society, we are effected by drastic weather changes. Poverty and corporate pandering significantly increases the ever widening gap within humanity. Modern civilization is decreasing in civilized behavior within societies.
Our greatest global challenges today are continuing to manifest themselves in hunger and housing. Most recently there has been devastation in Puerto Rico following massive hurricane destruction. Months later people are left homeless, without power and water, and struggling just to receive enough food to prevent starvation. This situation is indicative of areas in which capitalism has forsaken humanity. People fail to look beyond their screens to see what is truly taken place in the world they live in. Once a situation such as Puerto Rico is no longer the buzz on social media, the impacted people are forgotten. The reality becomes nothing more than a desensitized fiction in the minds of our societies. However, this situation could happen any where on the globe, at any time. It will not matter until those living in the most wealthy cities and countries are effected with such tragic circumstance, that eyes are opened.
We are beyond the pivot of destruction, it is important that we participate in reconstruction. We have no other option.
Environmental issues are scoffed at daily by persons in power, while polar bears-once an animal so revered it was a spokesperson for a major soda campaign, are starving to death in their diminishing habitat. As oceans rise, island communities are losing their land at rapid rates. Persons living in these communities no longer deny that they will someday need to relocate in order to survive. Earthquakes are being common in places they once never occurred. We have radioactive waste polluting our oceans at alarming rates, even reaching the shores of the United States. The Great Barrier Reef was once the star of many outdoor programs, the Great Barrier reef has been declared dead.
Starved polar bear.
As headlines sensationalize rifts within societies they leave out the rifts in our world that have a direct effect on our lives. Our youngest generations are consumed with trends, never realizing that the beauty and healthy planet they were to inherit is becoming non-existent. We are head down a path in which the essence of humanity, is no longer a priority. We no longer participate in conservation of the planet that sustains us. We no longer admire the life that lives among us.

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