Dan-Bunkering is a leading global supplier of bunker fuel, oils, lubricants, and other related items. They supply these products to many shipping companies across the globe. The company is ever-developing solutions to ease its customers’ day to day operations and operating costs. For years, the company has been making impressive strides to emerge as a global leader in bunkering services.

History of Bunker Fuel Suppliers

Dan-Bunkering traces its history to 1876 when the company started as Julius Mortensen Shipping in Fredericia, Denmark. After nearly a century, in 1974, the business was acquired by a local shipping company. After this acquisition, it changed its name to H. Sommers Eftf. Shipping ApS. Shortly after, the company expanded its list of services to include bunker trading of fuels and related products.

In 1981, the company’s bunker activities became independent, leading to the formation of Dan-Bunkering ApS. It is among the pioneers of the bunker trading industry. After three years, the company’s name changed to A/S Dan-Bunkering. Over the years, they have acquired extensive experience and global links to emerge among the top bunkering service providers.

In 1987, the company opened an office in Copenhagen. Since then, similar establishments have been opened in other locations. Today the company has a presence in the following additional areas: Shanghai, Kaliningrad, Singapore, Monaco, Houston, Beijing, Dubai, Stamford, and Sydney.


Core Services of Bunker Fuel Services

The company offers several services to the shipping industry. Quality services and competitive prices have given the company an edge over its competitors. Some of the products you can expect from this fuel bunkering company include the following.

Fuel and Gas

Dan-Bunkering offers bunker oil in over 3,000 bunker locations all over the world at fairly reasonable prices. Regardless of the time of the day, you can access any of their products.

Contact the company for quotes indicating the quantity of fuel you need and the location.

Dan-Bunkering trades bunkers both onshore and offshore. The company’s presence on the global bunker oil market has made it possible for customers to access products at competitive prices.

The company provides all grades of oil and can blend the fuels to meet your requirements.

They also supply MGO, AGO, ADO fuels, globally. These fuels are used for both large and small vessel’s generators and auxiliary engines. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is also available in all Dan-Bunkering European ports.

Lube Oil

Dan-Bunkering works in partnership with leading lubricant producers, independent and state-owned oil companies, and distributors across the globe, to provide these products to their clients. You can expect a swift supply of lube oil in bulk, cans, drums, pails, or cartridges in short notice.

They have also linked up with major survey companies worldwide for fast analysis of lube oil samples. Dan-Bunkering offers tests results in a quicker time than most of their competitors. This swift analysis informs you when to change the oils to avoid damaging your vessel’s engines.


Fixed Price Agreement (FPA)

An FPA enables you to know your actual fuel costs irrespective of the volatile bunker oil prices. This helps to eliminate financial surprises. Once you contact Dan-Bunkering, they’ll supply you with the fixed price agreement. They rely on their bunker traders’ extensive experience to give exact fuel costs for a specified period. This contract protects you from collecting oil surcharge from your customers.

The company offers competitive fuel prices to its customers due to its incredible purchasing power. They also supply high-quality fuel to yachts at anchor in remote destinations or busy ports.


Complimentary Services of Bunker Fuel Suppliers

Besides, bunker and lube oil, you can access complimentary services from Dan-Bunkering at any of their locations worldwide. This makes them a one-stop-shop for all your needs. You can obtain fresh water, provisions, crew changes, and agency services at any of their sites.

Security Services of Bunker Fuel Suppliers

To limit anxiety among your crew and their families, Dan-Bunkering offers security services. The guards are from the Danish military and are all STCW certified. Once recruited, the guards are trained and tested as maritime security guards.

They are experienced in working in stressful and harsh conditions. The guards have exposure in both local and international environments. Their main task is to ensure no intruders access your vessel. These security services are also critical in minimizing your insurance costs.