Dyne test kits
Tom Edwards, Sutton, England
27 February 2018
Contractors and project leads could make good use out of a dyne test kit. The kit could be as simple as a medium sized pen that fits in a shirt pocket. Use that kit whenever the project calls for the evaluation. Experienced leaders will know when a situation demands a specific test. Usually the test is reserved for inks and coatings that have surface energy. Evaluate that energy and include the findings in a report. That information could prove to be useful later on down the line. It is often the first step required to print on plastic products in a workshop.

How To Use These Kits

Simple instructions are listed to help contractors use a dyne test kit. New kits will make use out of a pen that samples the surface. It will be testing the surface energy levels for printing. Read through instructions and get familiar with the kit itself. It has been described as both easy and intuitive for those in the field. Ensure that sprinklers and the surface are ready for extensive print works. Even owners have taken notice of these kits in house. That could add to the value of conducting a kit.

Understand Surface Measurements

Once conducted, the pens will read out an energy level. A corresponding chart may explain the surface measurement on display. Record that information and show it to those involved on the project. Print workers may recognize the surface measurement information listed for people. Determine the dyne level by using these intuitive pens. They have been designed for simple and straightforward use on the go. Contractors may carry a pen with them out in the field. Find the print location and measure accordingly. Literature is available and distributed on the topic, particularly for those with advanced education in the field.

Dyne Test Kit – click image to visit Tantec for more information on Dyne Test and Measuring Surface Energy.

What Objects To Measure

Learning to handle the project takes dedication from all parties. Measuring surface energy will be a team effort from start to finish. It has been described as an accurate tool for companies to use. Measuring surface energy should focus on print works and anything needed to run properly. Ethanol, formamide and methanol test kits are on the market. Decide which of these is appropriate for use on site. Each chemical compound has been used to evaluate different surface areas. Request a consultation or call ahead for additional information on these test kits.

When To Expect Results

Inks, coatings and thin plastic films could all require dyne tests conducted. Kits can be easily taken out to the field for immediate use there. A standard kit may include 6 bottles, making it easy to conduct multiple evaluations. Give it some time for each test to return results. Use cotton swabs and bottle size to determine results on site. It may not take long to get the initial results with the dyne test. Call the help desk with any questions about the test. They may be available on a 24/7 basis.

What Costs Are Involved

Each test will make use out of a small pen sized product. That pen is relatively inexpensive considering the utility it offers. Most contractors want an easy and quick means of getting results. Test procedures need to be followed, but mishaps may occur anyways. Each bundle will include 6 distinct test kits. Labs may offer 5 day turnaround for these test kit bundles. Trust their reputation and expertise when it comes to evaluating the results. That may determine whether a print project is ready to proceed. Ask for a cost estimate before it gets underway.

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